Tuesday, November 10

He's been out of my belly as long as he was in my belly!

My little man is 9 months old!!! How did that happen? He's growing up way way too fast!! I know I'll probably say this all the time, but I really love this stage he's in right now! He is developing into quite the little character. Here are a few new Owen developments:
-He is all over the place!! Crawling on all fours, army crawling, pulling up and walking along furniture...he's becoming more independent (which is interesting because I'm finding that the more "independent" he becomes, the busier I become)!
-He LOVES to walk holding hands with whoever is willing!! Joe and I have to take turns because our backs will start to hurt from bending over with him!! His favorite things to do as he walks is to chase Roxy, stomp on whatever is in his path, and kick whatever is in his path! Future soccer player?? I hope not...maybe a punter!

-He loves to be scared (as long as he's in a good mood!)
-He's found his vocal cords that for sure!! I honestly think it's a game he plays with himself...each day he randomly screams as loud as he can!! He always looks over at me with the shocked face as if he's saying "Did you hear how loud I was this time?! Then he laughs! :)

-Owen loves Roxy! He recently figured out that his beloved friend will stay right next to him in his high chair if he drops food to her! Yeah, Roxy is loving this...mom, not so much!

-He's definitely a thumb sucker!! Kinda cute because I was too! And just like his mommy his favorite stuffed animal/ blanket is a monkey! It's so weird how he became attached to this thing!! It was actually the free tummy-time blanket that we got from the hospital! He snuggles with it, chews it, rubs it between his fingers as he nurses, and drags it around with him as he crawls! So cute!!
-Temper Tantrums started a month ago!! I don't just mean a fussy cry...I'm talking about kicking, screaming, and arching his back on the floor!!! The first time he did this I just stared in amazement as my precious, innocent, sweet boy became possessed! In that moment I was reminded that he is a sinner and he definitely needs Jesus!!
-In the morning when he wakes up (6:45) he usually plays in his crib for about 15 minutes (with his monkey) then Joe gets him and brings him to me in bed so I can nurse him. He used to stop nursing and just talk quietly so I would know he was done and ready for his cereal...not anymore! Now he immediately reaches for Joe's face and just starts poking, picking, and grabbing whatever he can get his hands on! Then he proceeds to use mine or Joe's face to pull himself up to a standing position and he begins to climb (another one of his new favorite things to do)! What does he climb you ask...our chest, neck, throat, and face!! Yeah, not very comfortable!! He clearly doesn't understand personal space yet!!
-Owen has learned how to "give a five". It's so cute! We put out our hand and say "Give me a five" and he reaches out and slaps our hand! We of course then applaud him and get very excited which in turn makes him very proud and excited too!!
-He will eat anything except broccoli! It was my goal before he was born to make all of his baby food, but since we currently don't have a food processor or a working blender, I'm having to use a hand held electric mixer. Unfortunately it doesn't get food to a very smooth consistency so the only homemade baby food he'll eat is butternut squash and sweet potatoes! He loves it! His favorite food for the past 3 months has been what we call "chippys" which is simply the Gerber Graduates 'lil crunchies snacks. He gets one for every month of his age, so he's now getting 9 after lunch and dinner! He loves to feed himself!

That's all I can think of for now! We are so looking forward to holidays when we can share our little guy with family and friends! Maybe he'll be walking by then!?:)

Here he is holding on to his monkey!

He's so proud of his two teeth!

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