Friday, November 12

Mason 4 months

Where have the past 4 months gone!!??!!??!! I cannot believe he's already that big..I'm tearing up typing this!

Lazy Tummy time! He has no interest in participating in tummy time. He rather just lay his head down and not work out his neck! We did't do tummy time as much with him or as early with him as we did Owen mainly because every time we try he spits up! Seriously EVERY TIME!! But he can roll from his back to his stomach!

Boys in the bath!

Happy boy

Always so smiley

Falling asleep on dada...must have been a big day for the little one!

Standing up like a big boy! If the next 4 months go by as quickly as the last 4, he'll be doing this on his own in no time! :(

Me and my boys!

Owen 21 months

Owen is a sweet silly little 21 month old boy! He keeps us laughing! Here's what he's been up to!
I'm attempting to restrict his blankie to just when he's in his crib. He seems to only suck his thumb with blankie. But, Mason's changing pad cover happens to to be made of the same material as when Owen has the deisre to suck his thumb...he just rubs on the changing pad cover!

I'm not sure what he was thinking! (Yes, that's Roxy's cage!)

He had his friend Owen T over so we built a fort!

We went to a preschool playgroup and he loved playing in the plastic balls!

A new outside activity- collecting acorns!

This past week I took the boys to visit Owen's favorite things these days- a Choo Choo!

Running around the train and collecting rocks! Such a boy!

The Bradenton Choo Choo!

Picking acorns! Such a cutie!

He filled three jars!

Here Owen was taking a break form playing and decided to sit with his bubba and share his Choo Choo!

Owen loves playing with his "Mimi Choo Choo" as he calls it!


Owen-"Cheeks" (this went on and on...he even pointed out and touched Mason's tongue!

Looking at "birdies"

Halloween Fun

Sorry it took so long to update! Here are some pics from Halloween!

We ended up buying our pumpkin at Publix because the Pumpkin Patch closed before we got there! We're dressed in fall clothes even though it still felt like summer!
Owen was not in a picture taking mood!

I got a quick pic of him...although he's not standing next to the pumpkin! Oh well!

Joe and Mason

Me and my pumpkin!

Carving Time!

The finished product!

Owen was more interested in blowing out the candle than anything else!

Costume #1- Linus! I thought it was perfect since Owen likes to carry around his blue blankie too!

We went to downtown Lakewood Ranch (Kinda like the Avenues for those GA folks reading this), and Owen did store to store "trick-or-treating" As soon as he got his first candy he asked to eat it! Such a kid!

Here he is eating his fav candy...a lollipop. Side note-whenever we practice saying all the family names and we say "Pops" I guess it reminds him of "lolliPOPS" cause he always goes to the kitchen and asks for a lollipop!
Check out his bag we painted together that day during our craft time!

Trick or treating! Joe tried to influence all of his candy choices! Let's face it..Owen wasn't going to be eating that candy...we were!!! (Except the lollipops!)

I think he ate a grand total of 6 lollipops that night!!!

Owen Costume #2-Thomas (aka Choo Choo)
Mason- Our little train conductor!
On Sunday we went to a friend of mine's church. Lots of fun!

We were all excited when we saw they had a choo choo ride!!

He was one happy boy! There was even a sweet man there giving away hand crafted train whistles! Owen loves it!

Bouncing with the balls (he had to take off the Thomas costume for optimal bouncing!

Such a wonderful baby!!! Just chillin' watching his brother having so much fun! It will be even more fun when he can join him!

Pretty cool game-he pumped the air pump until the balloon popped!

Slam dunk! After playing each game each child received a piece of candy...Owen always tried to take two. He's got a sweet tooth like his mama and dada!