Sunday, January 23

Mason is 6 months!!!!

I know I say this every time I give an update that concerns the boys' ages...but I really cannot believe my baby is 6 months...half a year already!! He is such an amazing joy. He has added so much to this family in these past 6 months! I'm hoping his delay (compared to his brother) in some developmental milestones is a sign of his laid back nature that will be refreshing compared to his high paced big brother! He is still in the 95 percentile for height but dropped to the 50th in weight! Many would argue that last one...he's so heavy! The only explanation for his "low" weight is the Johnny Jump up! This boy LOVES to jump..I even asked him the other day if he preferred his Johnny jump up over me. He didn't answer. :) Apart from becoming more active...he's also eating much more! Milk and Cereal for breakfast, milk veggies and fruit for lunch, milk for an afternoon snack, veggies, fruit, and oatmeal for dinner, and milk before bedtime! Big eater! He's taking at least 2 two hour naps and sometime a third in the evenings. Sleeps from 8p-8a (closer to 7:30a the last few days:/ Here are some pics of my baby!
Check out that hairline!

Happy Happy Baby

Car seat pics

I have some just like this of O...I'll have to compare them!

O the Johnny Jump up!!

He sucks in that bottom lip a lot!

Sleeping peacefully

Mason's Half Birthday Party!! You might be wondering what happens at a Half birthday party...well the guest of honor has his first bite of fruit, a try at using a sippy cup, and a Gerber Puff (solid food that melts in his mouth). All of his guests get to enjoy a half circle cake (Which Owen called a moon...side note, I've really been enjoying sneaking veggies in food...the cake had pumpkin and squash in it...but no one could tell!!)

First bite of fruit!

His sour reaction!

Even worse!!

"Give me more...I'll try it again..."

"Never mind!"

M had the same red splotchy reaction to fruit that O had. Weird. Only happened once.

Trying sippy cup for the first time

First Puff...he didn't like it!

Playing with his big brother

He's getting better with the sippy cup...but mostly uses it to chew on since he's getting two out momma!!

Owen showing M his half birthday gift!

Me and my Mason

Our Fmily Christmas 2010

I love the Christmas season! It was so much fun introducing Owen to so many new Christmas traditions this year. Although as a family we have decided to not include the Santa tradition, we had so much fun staying busy with other exciting traditions. As parents it gives us so much joy to see our son's first reaction to hearing the word "Christmas" is to shout "Jesus!" It's our responsibility to keep both boys this focused on the true meaning of Christmas...always.

Here are some pics and captions to sum up our Christmas...
Matching Christmas jammies! I thought it would be tough to find them matching pj's because of their age difference, but it wasn't so bad since M's pj's are size 12months! (although he is only 5 months!)

We love to take walks during the Christmas season to look at all of the "lights for Jesus" (as Owen calls it!). We decided to start a tradition of giving an award to our favorite light covered house! It seems like a fun and easy way to put the focus back on giving.... Here's the award (a jar with candy!)

This is only a small glimpse of the house that we gave the award to. It had everything! A huge nativity scene, a "Happy Birthday Jesus" banner, a huge star on the roof, lit up trees that played music, AND...two Trains...complete with their tracks!! They were a clear was a bummer that they weren't there to receive their award...hopefully they were excited to find it on their front porch!

Making cookies Christmas Eve.

We may not leave any cookies for Santa...but we still enjoy making cookies together!!

Our Christmas morning birthday party for Jesus!! We start the morning with blowing loud party whistles while we sing and dance to fun Christmas music! Then we made our way to this kitchen table where it was decorated with a sign Owen help make, puppets, birthday cake, balloons, a manger, and so much more

I Gotta admit its a little weird eating a baby Jesus cookie...Owen had no such problem!

He's screaming "JESUS!"

Listening to the Christmas story

Yummy...cake for breakfast! (Owen liked it much better this year compared to last year!!)

Our family...we are so blessed!

Owen loved his New trains, books, power wheel ($10 at yard sale!), bath toy, and vacuum ($2 at yard sale)

I did a pretty poor job of taking pictures because I was way too interested in what was going on! I hope to do better next year!!

THANK YOU to my wonderful hubby for all of my amazing gifts! You truly spoil me Joseph! I love you!

Christmas Visit to Georgia

We had a great visit to GA this Christmas. It was great being able to just make the drive to Ga and visit with the Harrell's at my parents house and visit with Graziano's at Matt and Elise's house. Here are some pics that sum up the trip...

Thomas take along train gift from Grams and Gramps!

So fun!

Mason and his Gramps!

Mason and Uncle Sam!

Right after we finished opening gifts it started snowing!

A White Christmas!

Love his face in this picture!

"sledding" with Uncle Matt

Typical Joe

Owen learning how to throw snowballs with Uncle Matt!

Mason stayed nice and warm inside with Aunt Elise!

A quick family pic in the snow

Owen took a short break from tthe snow to eat a PBJ

Owen and Uncle Matt

Sweet Sweet Mason

Owen and Mason!

LOVE this picture!

Mason loves his Owen!

Mason with my Grandma!

Opeing gifts at my parents fun with 4 little boys!

Owen getting some help from Pops opening a gift

Owen and Bennett racing their new cars together!

Owen opening his big gift from Mimi and Pops...a wooden choo choo "go" (track)!

Owen and Dada sledding...

now with Uncle Matt...

now with Aunt Elise...

now with Uncle Nick...

now with me!

I put my (clean) thick fuzzy socks on his hands since we didn't have any gloves for him (we live in FL...why would we have golves for him!?!)

Playing "Abby woo woo" in the snow! (Abby is my mom's dog and woo woo is what he calls a dog!)

family walk in the snow

Matt taught him how to eat the snow

He had so much fun in the snow!!

Silly Owen and Bennett playing on Joe!

Owen and Mimi snuggled up!

Mason and Aunt Sissy

Mason and Mimi