Sunday, June 5

Easter....yes I know im a few months behind!

Owen took this picture of us on Ester! Pretty good I think for a 2 year old...he has a very "artsy" style in his angle!

We like to include in their Easter baskets something that points back to the reason for Easter so both boys received "virtue" packs (these are great resources that capitalize on Deuteronomy 6:6-7...they provide tools that easily allow parents to talk to their children about God and Godly virtues while in the car, eating meals, and going to bed at night). The boys also received Mickey shirts since we were going to Disney World the following weekend!

Hee! Hee! I made us match! Surprisingly, Joe didn't mind!

True brothers!

Dying eggs while talking about the Easter story!

On Good Friday we made a "Resurrection Garden" while we read through the story of what happened to Jesus...Good Friday is good for us but it wasn't so good for Jesus.

Our Finished project

Owen and Mason received Easter gifts in the mail from Uncle Matt and Aunt Elise! Owen of course offered to help Mason open his! Look how excited Mason looks!

Owen loved his Percy Easter Egg train!

Just like last year, Mimi came to visit!

Our church Easter Egg hunt. It's our big outreach event each year which includes 50,000 eggs, bounce houses, rock climbing walls, free food, and...

a paraschuting bunny!!

Mason's first Easter egg hunt!

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