Friday, September 23

Mason's 1st Birthdat Party!

Well Mason turned one (sheesh!) almost 3 months ago! He had a great birthday with friends and family! My mom, Aunt Carol, Sister and her family all came to celebrate with him (THANK YOU ALL!!) Here are some pics to sum of the event (thank you Sarah!!):

He was pretty messy by the time he was done with his cake. I really have the best friends in the world...they cleaned his mess for me, walls, blinds, and all! :)

Just another example of how different my two boys are: Owen gently placed a small piece of cake in his dad's mouth on his birthday; Mason slapped his dad in the face with his cake!!


Big Brother Owen helped Mason with his candle!

Blessings! The gifts and his friends!!

Quick timeline of the first year of my baby's life. tear.

Sweaty Owen after a "Green Egg" hunt. (Did I mention it was a Dr.Seuss/Cat in the Hat theme???)

Mason and his Mimi

The adult's cupcakes:Chocolate with an Oreo on the bottom and an Oreo cheesecake filling!

Welcome table where guests signed a book for Mason (well like 3 people signed the book..I have great friends, they're just not so good at following directions :)!!

The Favors: Personalized straw cups with a snack trap on the bottom; filled with scented bubbles and candy!




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