Wednesday, July 8

Another FUN weekend!

This past weekend our good friends Shane and Erin Crider came to visit us! It was a blast to hang out with them and their precious almost 2 year old Taylor! Owen adored Taylor! I guess he has a thing for older women! For the 4th of July we all chilled at Siesta Key beach for the entire day. I must admit I was very nervous about having my 21week old baby at the beach that long, but he did great. When we arrived at the beach (after searching for a parking spot for 30 minutes)It was 1:00,Owen's nap time, but before I could set up his beach tent I had to lather up my husband with sunscreen (he is such a baby about this). Poor Owen screamed the entire time i was applying Joe's sunscreen. :( But as soon as I set up his beach tent (thanks Aunt Sissy:) he easily went to sleep!
The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Owen stayed under the umbrella or in his tent all day except for a short walk with his Daddy and a dip in the ocean with his mommy and daddy. He loves water! He has recently realized how the can slap his hands on the surface of the water and watch it jump into the air and on his mommy's face--yes, he's splashing!! Too grown up!
That evening we ate dinner at The Hub, a yummy restaurant in Siesta village, and then watched the fireworks from the beach! It was so neat to watch the fireworks and listen to the crashing of the waves at the same time! What a great sound God created!

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  1. Owen is getting so big! I am glad he loved the beach and splashing in the water! I'm so jealous that you are so close to the beach:-)