Friday, June 26

After 5 years of marriage...

Well after five years of marriage (today is our anniversary) and over a decade of being "an item", Joe and I have decided to go separate ways. I realize this may come as a shock to many but this was a mutual decision. This move has proved to be harder than I expected. After living in Florida for less than a month, I've realized how deeply rooted I was in Georgia. Joe has surprised me with how quickly he has become connected with Florida. I simply do not feel the same. Though we love each other, through this move we have realized how different we are from one another. We have decided that in time we will allow Owen to choose "where he belongs", but for now it makes since to us that he be a "Georgia boy" (since that is where he was born). Again I realize this may be a shock to you but this fall we will go our separate ways- Owen and I will continue to cheer for The Georgia Bulldogs and Joe has decided to cheer for The Florida Gators. Please pray for us during this huge transition in our lives (especially for me...I'm not sure how good of a season the Dawgs will have).

What? Did I confuse you in some way at the beginning of this post? Was I not clear that I was talking about college football? You didn't actually think I was talking about the "D" word did you? Wow! And I thought you knew us! We love each other deeply and the past 5 years have been the best years of my life!! :)


  1. Thats sooo messed up....I mean I know better but sheesh!!!! So jacked up!!!!

    Love you, Sissy

  2. Owen is adorable!!!! What a cutie!

    You know, the Bulldogs were bad enough but the Gators are even worse. Joe, come to your senses. Ashley, I can't blame you for parting ways in this issue however, UT Vols rock!!!

  3. Okay, my mouth started to drop... until I kept reading! That was wrong!! Haha! Happy Anniversary! Love the blog- keep it up:-) Owen is so adorable!!!

  4. Well, well, well...Ashley is a hard-headed UGA fan and Joe is a bandwagoner UF fan. I never thought I would see the day that you would stoop to an all-time low, Joe. I'm dissapointed. I thought having your bro attend the prestigious school UT would be enough to convert you for life, but I guess I was wrong. Looks like this fall will be interesting as Elise and I still bleed orange. Don't worry though, Owen will soon be converted into a volunteer! Go Vols!

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  6. I will second that.... Go Vols!!!!

    Let's all sing.....

    Good ole Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee.


  7. Hey! Hey! Keep this UT filth off of my blog!!!