Monday, January 25

Fun Filled Florida Weekend!

We spent a few hours on Saturday at Manatee Beach. It was close to 80 degrees and Owen was lovin' it!

He spent some time pushing the ball around and chasing it himself...he needs a brother or sister to play with him!

This boy LOVES cars, tractors, and trucks!

"Monkey" goes with Owen everywhere! (Yes, "Monkey" was washed when we got home!)

Sunday we took the boat out on the Lake! It was Owen's first boat ride! He enjoyed it for the most part...he just wasn't very comfy in his life jacket.
Here he is driving the boat while operating the Fish Finder...Like Father like Son!

Again, the boy LOVES playing with cars! He even makes all the car noises too!

When we got home from the lake we played in the wagon! Joe pushed us down the driveway! I was obviously enjoying this a little more than Owen!

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