Sunday, June 27

37 weeks and counting!

Recently we've really just been preparing and waiting for Mason's arrival. Even though technically I have 3 more weeks until his official due date, we are extremely anxious (partially because my docs kept saying I was measuring early & because Owen was 3 weeks early)! In order to enjoy these last few weeks as a family of 3, here's what we've been up to:

Zoo Day! We are taking advantage of our zoo passes even in ths crazy FL heat! On our latest visit we spent the majority of our time with the goats!

This fat goat LOVED Joe and Owen!

We celebrated Father's Day with some yummy food (the true way to a man's heart is through his stomach)! For breakfast I made Joe whole wheat pancakes with chocolate chips and walnuts-I shaped the pancakes to say #1 Dad! I also made him a mango smoothie and cheese grits...all of his favs! We also had tortellini and shrimp...and of course a chocolate fudge cake!

We've all been taking advantage of uninterrupted sleep (since that will all change when Mason arrives) Here's a pic of Owen sleeping like a frog!

One of our favorite games to play as a family is "FUMBLE!" We take turns throwing the football, and then we all try to "recover the fumble"! Roxy likes to participate as well...Owen LOVES when Roxy joins in!

Since Owen won't be the baby much longer, we are fully taking advantage of each moment he slows down long enough for a quick snuggle!

There's a lot to be done in order to prepare for a new baby, and one of those tasks is cleaning! Who knew cleaning doors could be so fun to a 16 month old! He is such a good helper!

Owen is starting to really enjoy building with blocks...or maybe he just really enjoys knocking over his Dada's towers!

I recently spent my baby-sitting money on a new ottoman. Owen loves climbing on it, watching TV from it, and of course driving his cars on it!

Owen Loves his dog (I'm not exactly sure why though)!

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