Tuesday, July 6

I've never been this pregnant!

Well, I'm 38 weeks pregnant, which means I'm more pregnant now than I ever was with Owen!! I know many women have been in my shoes before but somehow I feel like I don't deserve this! :) Owen was 3 weeks early and the doctors kept telling me this baby was measuring early...but apparently none of that matters! I guess on a good note I went to the doctor today and I am dilated 3cm. But as my sister would say...that doesn't really matter since she was 4cm forever and my nephew was born a few days late! Ahhhh! I guess now I just wait. I'm not miserable, I'm just so anxious to go through the whole amazing birth experience again and I CANNOT wait to meet my baby Mason! I'm also VERY excited about my mom coming and I'm REALLY looking forward to sleeping in my bed with my husband again (I've been sleeping on the couch upright for the past several weeks because it seems to be the only way that my acid reflux doesn't cause me to wake up choking on stomach acid in the middle of the night!) Man, now that I've thought through all of that, maybe I am miserable!

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  1. I remember this feeling:-) Just enjoy being a family of three for the last time! Soon you will be a very busy family of four!! I think about you all the time... love ya!