Thursday, October 21

Pumpkin fun!

Painting the pumpkin on a plate!

Wearing the pumpkin mask!

He thought it was so funny when the paper would stick to the glue stick! Then he pretended it was a lollipop and licked it!

I drew several different shapes on the yellow paper then I let him choose which shapes he wanted to use. I knew my son so well that I was able to predict exactly which shapes he would choose! He chose the "O's" for the eyes, the square for the nose, and the "moon" for the mouth! Here he is gluing the moon!

I'm not sure what was so funny...but here's the final project!

So this morning I decided to take the boys to Fruitville Grove to take some pumpkin pictures. Well, I'm not sure Owen will remember the pumpkins but he will remember all the "ta-tor" (aka tractors)! I could not get him to look at me for any of the pictures because he was so distracted! Not only were they using forklifts to haul pumpkins around the farm, there was also construction vehicles across the street widening the road! Here he is watching the tractors!

This is the pumpkin Owen picked!

Owen on a haystack (watching the tractor go by)!

My two little pumpkins!

Not the best picture, but Owen finally looked at me!!!

Sweet sweet Mason! He's so chill!

You know that boy was happy to sit on this tractor!!

-Please note how he is actually SITTING ON A TRACTOR and still refuses to look at the camera because he's still watching the construction vehicles across the street!!!! SUCH A BOY!!!!!!!!

I just wanna suck on those cheeks...and I will as soon as he gets up form his nap!:)

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