Monday, October 18

Owen's becoming a big boy wheather I like it or not!

I suppose it's normal for a parent to not want to see their kids grow up too fast...but I think sometimes I try to ignore all the signs of the inevitable- BUT I couldn't ignore what happened last night! I was woken up by Owen crying out for his momma at 2 o'clock in the morning. This doesn't happen often so I rushed to his room thinking he may have had a bad dream...but instead I saw my sweet boy hanging off the edge of his crib because the crib rails had broken off and were leaning against him and the rest of the crib (he was sandwhiched between the mattress and the broken off rails)! He wasn't hurt at all and he transitioned nicely into the pack-n-play for the remainder of the night. This morning I was able to reflect on what happened a little's time for my first born to move into a "big boy bed". As my sister said "Your child may be ready to move into a bed if_____." (Ya know like "You might be a redneck if______.--maybe you had to be there!)
So, here's how my big boy slept for his nap today...he climbed right in, I tucked him in, he said "night night", and he began making his "sleepy noises" until he fell asleep. He never tried to climb out and he slept great! I guess he really was ready for a bed!

Another sign that he's growing up is how he tells us when he wants his diaper changed! He will say "I poo poo" and then he will get out a diaper, wipes, and diaper cream and he will lay on the ground and wait to be changed! Too funny! Now I suppose it's time to start potty training....maybe! :-)

His sense of humor is maturing as well. He laughs everytime he passes gass and says "a poo poo" (I did NOT teach him to say that!!!) He also laughs and calls out anyone who passes gas as I'm sure you would guess, this is a fun game Joe likes to play with his son!
Owen continues to be a great big brother! He loves to bring his brother a blanket or burp cloth if he is ever without one, and he has started to enjoy watching his
brother smile at him. Those are the moments when my heart melts...I am so blessed!
He's talking way too much now to list all the things he says, but my favorite is "Love you"! At night after we put him to bed we say "I Love you" and he usually responds by saying "Love you. Night-night. Bye bye" That's when we know he's really ready for some sleep! In the morning Owen will usually ask a few times "Where Dada go?" And if we play outside he will ask "Where Dada car go?" He also enjoys playing hiding games, by showing me a toy, hiding it, and then saying "Where it go?" He thinks this is so funny! I do too!
He's finally expanded his toy preferences! He no longer only loves cars, but he also loves airplanes, boats,construction vehicles (like excavators, cranes, etc), and trains! His love for trains (or Choo Choos as he calls it) was magnified when my Aunt Carol sent him a few videos in the of which was the newest Thomas movie! He LOVES it! I think Joe's glad he likes trains (because he likes Thomas too!) Joe's also glad he likes boats...they spend a few hours a week just sitting in our boat in the garage! Who says a boat has to work in order for it to be fun!

Busch Gardens

Big brother helping with Mason's first bottle!

"Painting" the driveway with water!

Learning about the letter "O" with playdough!

Read his lips-- "O"!

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