Friday, November 12

Owen 21 months

Owen is a sweet silly little 21 month old boy! He keeps us laughing! Here's what he's been up to!
I'm attempting to restrict his blankie to just when he's in his crib. He seems to only suck his thumb with blankie. But, Mason's changing pad cover happens to to be made of the same material as when Owen has the deisre to suck his thumb...he just rubs on the changing pad cover!

I'm not sure what he was thinking! (Yes, that's Roxy's cage!)

He had his friend Owen T over so we built a fort!

We went to a preschool playgroup and he loved playing in the plastic balls!

A new outside activity- collecting acorns!

This past week I took the boys to visit Owen's favorite things these days- a Choo Choo!

Running around the train and collecting rocks! Such a boy!

The Bradenton Choo Choo!

Picking acorns! Such a cutie!

He filled three jars!

Here Owen was taking a break form playing and decided to sit with his bubba and share his Choo Choo!

Owen loves playing with his "Mimi Choo Choo" as he calls it!


Owen-"Cheeks" (this went on and on...he even pointed out and touched Mason's tongue!

Looking at "birdies"

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