Friday, November 12

Mason 4 months

Where have the past 4 months gone!!??!!??!! I cannot believe he's already that big..I'm tearing up typing this!

Lazy Tummy time! He has no interest in participating in tummy time. He rather just lay his head down and not work out his neck! We did't do tummy time as much with him or as early with him as we did Owen mainly because every time we try he spits up! Seriously EVERY TIME!! But he can roll from his back to his stomach!

Boys in the bath!

Happy boy

Always so smiley

Falling asleep on dada...must have been a big day for the little one!

Standing up like a big boy! If the next 4 months go by as quickly as the last 4, he'll be doing this on his own in no time! :(

Me and my boys!

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