Wednesday, February 9

Owen's "Choo! Choo! Look Who's Two" Party!

Yummy! These cupcakes are sinfully delicious! It's yellow cake with homemade chocolate chip cookie DOUGH inside!! (Don't worry No raw eggs...and it's really still like dough not a cookie b/c the dough was frozen when i baked the cupcake! The buttercream icing tastes like a chocolate chip cookie too!!! So sad they're all gone!

In the frames there were pictures from when he was a newborn, a recent pic, and a pic from his 1st b-day party. He's crying in his 1st b-day pic...when he saw it the first time I said "It's YOU!" then he said "Oh, no! YOU crying!"

Those PBJ's are suppose to look like trains!!

This is what we call Owen's "Dinner Daze". He just stares out into space sometimes when he's eating!

PIZZA! We thought we should serve one of Owen's favorite foods for we had pizze delivered for the first time EVER!!!! (We just prefer the price of frozen pizza!:)

Owen LOVES bubbles, so we had all the kidos blow bubbles for the Birthday Boy!!

My 2 year old!!

I guess it's normal for kids this age, but several kids simply could not help themselves from opening Owen's gifts! I don't think the poor guy opened any of his gifts by himself.

Being pushed around on his new tricycle! Who says hand-me-downs can't be gifts!!?? :)

Owen giving "Thank you Knucks"!

Trying to blow out candle!

I think he liked his cake! I hit the jackpot at Walmart...each Thomas Construction Crew toys were marked down to $2...usually $8 each!! It really worked out b/c the day before his party he told me he wanted tractors on his cake! Yay!

Sharing his cake...

He really liked his new tractors and had a hard time sharing he played with them behind the bushes...silly!


  1. Those cupcakes sound really good right now....I can practically taste them!!! Heather

  2. Ashley, I LOVE your blog!!! Did you do this party yourself? I totally need your advice while I'm planning Amelia's!!