Tuesday, March 29

Spring Trip to Georgia

Just like last year, I decided to take a trip up to GA while Joe was away at a business meeting. It's amazing the difference a year can make! Last year it was just me and Owen on the trip and he was still in diapers!! This year the trip was much different! Owen told me a few times during the drive that he needed to "potty in grass"...so he did! In the end it was a great trip. The drive wasn't that bad...I transfer the sleeping boys into the car at 4am and by time time they wake up we're already half way done with the drive. I'm extremely thankful my boys are pretty good little travelers...well as good as growing 8month old and active 2 year old can be! :-) Owen truly made the trip awesome! It was so sweet seeing how loving he was towards his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. He is such an affectionate little man. I'm so grateful he's at the age now where he really remembers everyone and remembers all that he does with them. He still talks about each person we visited. So sweet. And of course Mr.Mason was just a doll. Just a happy happy baby (although he cried more there than he ever does at home...I suppose he just missed his Dada:) Here are pics to wrap up the trip:

Mimi and the boys drinking their milk

Owen giving his Mimi a tight hug! He would not let go of her...she literally tried to put him down and he hung on to her like a monkey!!

Owen throwing the ball with my Grandma, his Great Grandma

Owen thinks His Uncle Adam has the coolest jobs 'cause he rides in an Ambulance and firetruck!!

The boys thought it was special having a little TV on the floor...So of course they had to get as close as humanly possible!

Everyone wanted to hug Mason!

Mimi and all her boys!

Owen had fun on his Pops shoulders!

Mimi and Pops took turns throwing the boys in the air!

Happy Mason with his Pops

Owen being silly with his sticky-icky mouse from his Mimi

Owen and his Grams

Mason and his Uncle Matt

Mason and his Aunt Elise

Owen was so thankful his Grams and Gramps made the drive down to GA to play cars with him!

BIG hug!!

Owen with his Grams and Gramps

Everyone enjoyed watching Owen make Mason laugh

Watching a helicopter go by

This is Owen's attempts at giving me bunny ears. I told it looked more like a moose!

I LOVE how Mason sucks his thumb and clasps his hands together! So sweet!

Fun times with a BIG balloon!

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