Wednesday, May 4


I just had one of the best weekends of my life! We went for the first time a a family to the magical Disney World! It was such an amazing family experience! I was so giddy as we anticipated taking the trip...not because I LOVE Disney, but I was just t so excited about going as a family! I just loved watching my boys react to all of the exciting sites around them. I did not want the weekend to end...its just so wonderful to escape reality for a little while! :-) Here are pictures from our trip:
The first "ride" was the parking lot "train" as Owen called it!

I was a little worried about how many Disney souvenirs we would go home with, when after only 2 minutes of entering the park I saw this...

1st Disney Parade!

The Disney Junior Show had to be one of Owen's favorite shows!!

We had so much fun at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area!

Owen wanted to take this Play-doh home with him!

Poor Mason really needed a diaper change! i guess we were all having too much fun to notice.

Such a Cool Kid! He loves to do anything like his Dada, including wearing sunglasses

Mason was so stinkin cute in his Mickey hat!

Hollywood Studios!!

This was Owen's favorite spot in our hotel room! He was people watching as hotel guests swam in the pool and splash zone beneath our room!

Mason LOVED meeting all the different characters! All of the characters LOVED mason too. I think Mason's genuine excitement was appreciated by each character because they all wanted to keep playing with him!!

Owen was pretty nervous at first, but once he saw how happy his brother was he warmed up a bit!

So sweet! Mason like playing with Owen's hair!

Watching the Indiana Jones show!

Too Loud!

Clap clap Clap! Mason was such a good audience!

Sometimes they held hands! my heart was melting!!!

SiLLy OwEn!

The Fantismic show was impressive but just too scary and intense for a 2 year old. I spent most of the time covering Owen's eyes. But he did really enjoy the fireworks and Mickey!

The ferry ride to Magic Kingdom!

Watching as he train goes by..

Another parade!

I LOVE THIS MAN!!! He is such a fun daddy and an amazing husband! I am so thankful for him every single day!!! (I'm also thankful that he was able to earn the hotel points to make this disney vacation possible)!!!

I love tht they put fun things to play with for the kids when waiting in line. Brilliant!!

Me and Owen on the flying Dumbo ride! We both loved it!! So did Mason!

This was my supermom moment...both boys wanted their mommy!

Its a small world after all...

Owen was so proud of his Disney Driver's card he earned for driving the car with his daddy!

Teacup kisses!

Sweet brother held the fan for Mason!

Safari Boat ride!

ANOTHER train ride!

Dada gettin' some good lovin' from his boys!

Me and my boys on our last day :( at Animal Kingdom

Mason was such a good baby! He was so happy even with skipping his naps. When he was really tired he just needed his mommy and he would fall righ to sleep! He's my mama's boy! <3

Awesome Safari ride! It was a "realistic" ride...very bumpy and Mason seemed to love it and hooted and hollared the whole time!

He is so LOUD these days!!

Id didn't think I would pet much less comb a cow while at Disney! Oh well, Owen loved it!

Lunch at the very cool Rainforest Cafe!

Dino Land

By the time we met Pluto, Owen was much more comfortable with the big characters!

Lego Land at Downtown Disney!

Owen's only nap in the stroller didn't happen until the very last day...I say that's a sign that he had a great time!

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