Saturday, June 20

All Things Owen...

Owen will be 19 weeks young tomorrow...amazing how time flies! Like all moms would say-He is the joy of my life! God has so richly blessed us with a wonderful son. Here's what's going on in Owen's world:

*Rolling Over
Owen has been rolling over (from stomach to back) for several weeks. In the beginning we were so excited about this milestone...but since then, the excitement has somewhat worn off. I'm not saying we aren't proud of his development, we are just a little frustrated with what has come with it. Here's what happens- We put our sweet baby to bed on his stomach to sleep...a few minutes later, he's upset because he's rolled to his back. A few minutes later it happens again, and again, and AGAIN! But I think I may have solved this-I now lay him down on his stomach with his side right against the crib bumper. I'm not sure if there is some "rule" out there against that, but it seems to be working! I will say though, some mornings he manages to roll over and I wake up to hearing my son babbling and squealing---It's so cute!!

*His favorite things
1 month-sleep
This boy loves to sleep...I guess he got this from his Daddy!
2 months-sleeping and eating
3 months-His "Star" and his right hand
His Star is a Baby Einstein star that lights up and plays music. And yes, he specifically loves his right hand. He just holds it up above his head and just stares at it....and then of course sticks it in his mouth.
4 months-himself
He loves to hear himself "talk"! He just squeals, and mumbles, and babbles all the time! He also loves to look at himself in the mirror. His closet doors (here in our temporary apartment) are mirrors and everyday I just place him in his Bumbo seat and he just looks and laughs at himself! Sometimes if I just walk by a mirror while holding him he'll just start laughing! It is so cute!

*Yummy Cereal
He is really growing up---he no longer just needs me to survive, he's eating rice cereal! He is really enjoying eating---no surprise with Joe as his Daddy! :)

*Water Boy
He is so relaxed when in the water! He loves the beach, the pool, baths, and showers! He practically floats on his back in the pool...all we have to hold up is his head!

His most recent personality development has been soooo cute! Every once in a while if someone (Joe, Aunt Sissy, a stranger, etc)talks to him in a sweet voice, Owen will make this adorable bashful smile and tuck his face into my neck. Being bashful is definitely not something he got from his father!!

For the grandparents and great grandparents out there who would love to be able to look at the clock and know what Owen is doing at that time, here is his recent schedule. I'm in the process of tweaking this schedule- I would like for him to go to bed earlier, but if I put him to bed earlier he would wake up earlier--and I'm a much better mom at 9:00pm than I am at 6:00am!!
Of course we are flexible with this schedule so it's not exact, but for the most part, this is what we go by:
Wake up-7:00am
Eat-6:00pm ("milk" and cereal)
Play & Bath
Eat & got to bed-9:00pm


  1. Don't worry about putting him next to the bumper pad. Adam lines Reagan's stuffed animals next to her so she can't roll over.

    The schedule is extremely similar to ours but ours is 8, 12, 4, and 8 and she is dropping one nap but she can't make up her mind which one :-)

  2. I might take the stuffed animal idea! :) Owen is in the same boat as Reagan...each day he chooses a different nap to skip?!?!? Whatever!It just gives me more time to play with him!!

    Deciding on this schedule was more difficult than writing a term paper in college! I was trying to work it around Joe's schedule so that he could spend quality time with Owen each day when he got home from work. We'll see how long I keep this one...I feel like I'm always drafting out his next schedule! How is your summer? Please tell everyone in small group I miss them!