Monday, June 22

We miss CATR!

Yesterday we visited another church. I felt like I was cheating on Church at the Ridge! :( Although we like the set up of the church (very similar to CATR), it just wasn't the same. Granted we've only gone once, but in my heart I just know it won't be the same. I guess I've always heard "the church isn't the building, it's the body of people" but now that truth seems even more real to me. I miss The Ridgers! I miss being greeted by familiar faces, I miss walking up and down those long hallways, I miss chatting with Emily and Erin at Connection Point, I miss getting hugs from so many kidos, I miss Land of a Thousand Hills coffee :), I miss feeling connected. It wasn't easy handing over Owen to someone other than Ms.Dawn. :)
It was a little strange being the visitor. It really made me look at CATR in another light and I think CATR is doing it right!! CATR is full of great people, great passion, great purpose, and God in the center of it all!!! Keep up the hard work Ridgers, God is with you always and He wants to use The Ridge to do GREAT things for His kingdom...I just know it!

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