Monday, May 17

Owen and His Ya-ya

In case you're wondering who Ya-ya is, well that's me...Ashley. I don't exactly know why but Owen has given me the name Ya-ya and has no interest in calling me Mama. In some ways it makes me sad because I've always looked forward to hearing my child call me Mama...not Ya-ya!! But in another way I think it's kinda sweet that he's chosen to give me his own name! So here are of few pics of Owen and his Ya-ya!
Story time!

He gives the best kisses (sorry Joe!)

My Second Mother's Day...I really never thought I would be 30weeks prego by this point!

Playing Peek-a-boo!

Another kiss...but this time through the beach chair!

And here's a pic of me and my other not-so-little baby boy! (31 weeks) I'm measuring 4 weeks ahead! Yes, that's one month!! I honestly don't think the reality has set in yet that we will soon have two little boys!! Please pray for us! :)

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