Wednesday, May 26

Surprise Baby Shower!

On Monday I was given a great surprise! Here's how it happened-
About a week ago Joe left his cell phone at home when he went out to work. At one point during the day it alarmed me that he had received a text message. When I looked at who it was from it said Beverly (my great friend and his boss's wife). I was not only curious but also worried that maybe Jason (his boss and friend) was trying to get an important message to I looked at the text. It said "Monday the 24th works great for the surprise date for Ashley". OOPS! I suppose I shouldn't have looked at that. When Joe got home I told him what happened...he was not happy!
Anyways, Monday came and Joe still never really mentioned the date again. When he walked in the door from work at 5:30, he says to me "You need to take a shower and get ready for our date, we leave right at 6pm". So I rushed to get ready while he entertained Owen.
I walk out of the bedroom dressed and ready right at 6 when I hear the doorbell. Joe looked through the peep hole and says "It's for you". Hmmmm... I was really confused...I thought maybe he was making this a seriously fancy date by having flowers delivered or something like that! But when I opened the door, it was my friend Beverly (taking a picture of me) and my other friend/neighbor Jen. What??? At that point Beverly told me I wasn't going on a date with Joe, cause I was going with her!

I suppose you can see where this is going now! We picked up another friend, Meg, and went to one of my favorite restaurants, Urban Flats, where several other friends were waiting to surprise me! It was such a fun and special evening. It was great just spending time with friends...and of course having them shower me with gifts was great too!
Thank you so much Beverly for making me and Mason feel so special and loved!

Yummy cupcakes!

Me and Beverly!

So many great practical and adorable gifts! Thank you all so much!!

All of these gifts are from a great internet based shop, "Sew Thoughtful"-by Beverly!

This is my favorite shirt ever! Owen Is going to LOVE his Car shirt!

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