Monday, May 17

Tampa Zoo

On Mother's Day weekend we decided to take Owen to the Tampa Zoo. After researching the Tampa Zoo we found out that is was rated the #1 zoo by Parent's magazine--kinda nice to have that zoo so close by! :-) At the last minute we decided to go ahead and get season passes-one pass is specifically for me and the other is a "guest" pass that anyone can Joe, Beverly, my sister, anyone who wants to tag along with me and Owen to the zoo!

Owen was so brave...he touched the Sting Ray!

We normally only allow "monkey" at home and in the car, but we figured a monkey belonged at the zoo!

Owen's favorite animals at the zoo this time were the birds!

The best part of the zoo might be the 2 mini water parks! Owen LOVED playing in the fountains!

My two boys...they'll have to make room for Mason pretty soon!

Owen was so tired after a fun day at the zoo! He was asleep before I even buckled him in!

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