Thursday, July 8

Updates on Owen

I can't believe it, but our Owen is 17 months old today! What an amazing 17 months it has been! He has added so much joy to our lives and I am so incredibly thankful that God specifically chose Joe and I to raise this amazing little boy! Here are some updates on Owen, and since this update is WAY overdue, some of these things he's been doing for months! (sorry this is going to be super long...this is really my way of documenting Owen's sweet life...this is probably a blog that only Owen's parents and grandparents will appreciate!:

-Owen has almost no interest in talking!! This has been extremely frustrating for Joe and I. I'm going to attempt to make a list of the words he says, but honestly he said more of these words when he was 14 months old and now prefers to say "That" for just about everything!
-dada -mama -yaya(this is what he calls me) -dog -car -nanana(banana) -duck -that -teeth -God -no -yes -all done -I want that
-what's that -clock -dig, dig, dig -shoo (shoes) -thanks -gone

-Two extremely cute things he enjoys now is jumping and taking "big steps" When he "jumps" he bends over a little and then throws his arms up in the air in a some what jerky motion (his feet barely move)! And "big steps" is when he takes extra wide steps! So funny!
Here he is jumping!

-The boy LOVES to be outside--In the heat or in the rain. When he wants to go outside he brings me my shoes and his shoes and then points to the door!

He brings me my shoes and helps me put them on!

Here are a few of his favorite outdoor activities:
-playing in the water hose -Digging with his shovels -pushing his cars down the driveway -drawing with chalk -"mowing the grass" -chasing and popping bubbles -playing in the pool -playing at the park

-One thing Owen doesn't like outside, is for his Dada to cut the grass. He is so concerned for his Dada's safety so he follows him around the yard at a "safe" distance crying out for his Dada. This usually ends by Joe scooping him up in his arms and cutting the grass while carrying Owen. :)

-Luckily Owen is showing some signs of being a little neater than his Dada! Owen already enjoys putting away his clean dishes from the dishwasher, pushing in his chair (and his Dada's), organizing his toys, and he always wants the pantry door completely closed as well as all the drawers! He also helps by throwing away his diapers!

-Owen is still a pretty good eater. His favorite foods are bananas and chicken!

-In an effort to prepare Owen for the arrival of his brother, I would say "Where's Mason" and then he would pat my belly. Well, this has back fired a little! Now when I say "where's Mason" he pats his own belly. I guess he thinks Mason=Belly! oops!

-Also in preparation for Mason's arrival, Owen has already transferred to his new crib and bedroom (which was the playroom). In the mornings when he wakes up, he used to say "Ya-ya!"...but now that he's in his new room with all his toys around him, he now wakes us and says "CAR! CAR! CAR!" as he points to all his favorite toy cars and car pictures on the walls!

-I think I've mentioned this before, but Owen truly enjoys our visits to Publix! As soon as we start walking to the Publix entrance he starts saying "Car!" because he knows he gets to "drive" in the "car-cart"! The other day when we walked in Publix and he caught his first glimpse of the "car-cart" he screamed louder than he ever has "CAR!!!!!!!" Everyone around stopped and stared at us!

-Funny story- Yesterday I was preparing for us to go to church so I already took his beloved Monkey and packed it in his diaper bag. Owen began to collect his other blankets and seemed to notice that Monkey was missing. So, he went to his bedroom and got his plush "Baby's 1st Photo Album". He flipped it open to a picture of him holding Monkey, pointed to Monkey and signed "Please"! It was pretty clear, he wanted me to help him find his Monkey! What a smart boy!

-Owen ADORES his Dada! While Joe is at work Owen occasionally carries a picture with him of his Dada! So sweet!

-A "not so fun" new thing Owen is doing, is taking us by the hand and dragging us with him. Sometimes he takes us to the fridge and asks for milk or water, sometimes he takes us to his playroom to play, and sometimes he uses our hand to touch or pick up something that is a "no-no" (like our cell phones, TV remotes, or keys)!

-Owen likes to dance! He really only has one dance move, but it is uniquely his and we LOVE it!

-Owen makes the sweetest "sleepy noise". When he's tired he likes to get his blankies, suck his thumb and make the sweetest "sleepy noise". I love it!

-Owen definitely knows what "all done" means. He initially learned the sign for "all done" in order to tell us when he was done eating, but now he signs "all done" (and often says "all done") for several reasons, here are a few:
-Whenever we reach our destination in the car -When we've been waiting a long time at one of my doctor appointments -When he's ready to be done shopping -When the TV gets turned off -When I'm done eating something -When he's done playing with a particular toy or in a particular place

I'm sure there are so many other things that I could and should document but my brain is done (10 days till due date and my brain is a tad bit mushy!) Somehow I hope to get better about documenting Owen's life, but I'm fully aware that it's only going to get tougher when we add little Mason to the mix! All I can do is try!

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