Thursday, September 30

Mommy Moments...

Moms, don't you hate it when you're multi-tasking eating and say returning emails and without even realizing it you go to take another bite and low and behold the plate is clean?! I just ate my entire lunch without even realizing it! I don't even know if my french toast was any good. :(

Moms, why is it that your kids have their hardest days when your husband isn't around to help?! Yesterday Owen was cutting two teeth which for him means a runny nose, whining, 6 poopy diapers, and difficulty sleeping!! And Joe was out of town! On the upside-Mason hardly spit up at all! I never even had to change clothes! :)

Moms, is it bad that my 19month old always assumes he needs shoes if I put clothes on him?! I suppose we may be having too many pajama days and I only dress him if we are leaving the house! :)

Moms, do you ever forget what the date is...or even what day of the week it is...or even worse....what month it is?! Please tell me I'm not alone! :-/

Moms, am I a bad person if I truly believe with all my heart that my two boys are the most beautiful people God ever created?! I mean just look at them!

Owen today being silly! I didn't mind him sucking on the paci because Mason very rarely uses it.

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