Thursday, December 2

I have to record this before I forget...

Two all time Greatest Moments that happened this week:

1. It's November 30th. I'm basking in the sun with my feet in the sand while I listen to the waves crashing at the beach. My sweet 4 month old baby Mason is snoozing away in his stroller next to me, while my hilarious 21 month old is literally in my lap, cheek to cheek with me and driving his "choo choo" on my head. I asked myself in that moment "Really, can life get any better?" Then this happened the next day....

2. TV is muted on HGTV. :) I'm sitting on the living room floor being crafty in preparation for celebrating Christ's birth. Mason is lying next to me smiling and cooing. Owen is in his crib, and I can hear him making his sweet "sleepy noises" as he falls asleep listening to soft songs about Christ's birth. To top it off...I'm sipping on a delicious Angel Food smoothie that my wonderful husband surprised me with from Smoothie King. I just don't think this week could top those two moments....I am so blessed.

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