Wednesday, January 19


I guess I've just been too busy to blog...go figure! Being a mom of 2 under 2yr during the holidays keeps a woman busy busy busy...but I LOVE it!!! I'll attempt to fill in the gap of all that happened during December. The easiest way to sum it all up is through pictures (and captions) I go...

Owen's beginning to get the hang of talking on the phone. Here he is talking to his Dada. For some strange reason the first thing he always says on the phone is "The moon is night-night". (which is what we tell him during the day when we can't find his beloved moon in the sky.--The other night Owen was watching the moon from the window and he suddenly screamed "OH NO MOON!" "Clouds! Clouds!" ""Bye Bye Moon." He was noticing for the first time how clouds can cover the moon. I wish I could have recorded the excitement in his voice when the clouds moved away and he saw "God's Moon"!

When he was younger he really didn't enjoy the when we go to the park he likes to have a turn in each swing!

And he loves climbing up the big kid play set just to slide down and do it all over again!

Silly/Crazy boy! (22 months)

This is their new "thing"! They love hanging out in M's crib together. This activity requires careful supervision...Sometimes Owen can get a little carried away with his love for his Bubba!

and again...

The boys playing! Can't wait to see how much more they're going to play together each day!

Happy Mason!

Owen loves some play dough!

We couldn't believe the size of the bird on our neighbor's house!

Owen really enjoys making crafts! Here he is making candle holders that he gave as Christmas gifts!

This is what sweet Mason looks like right when he wakes up! Red rings around his eyes and a big smile!

Here's Mason at 5 months eating veggies for the first time! Notice Owen saying "Yuck!" in the background!

This boy loves to read. If he suddenly becomes suspiciously quiet, he's either getting into trouble or reading!

We made a marshmallow snowman.

This is what the poor thing looked like when Owen was done playing with it!

Owen enjoying breakfast with his Dada!-Especially the fruit! (by 10:30 this am Owen had already eaten a banana, apple, strawberries, orange, and a blueberry muffin!)

I've always loved making Gingerbread houses (because my mom always made them with me and my sis). We made one last year...but of course Owen wasn't as involved! This year it was so much fun!

Somehow icing got on his face!

And now he's eating the "siding" of the house!

He was so careful when decorating it with candy

Owen loves to get mail!

Owen opened Mason's Christmas card and showed it to him! So sweet!

My Nana and Aunt Carol got Owen a Red Tractor (just like my Grandaddy's!) and a farm set!

Mason!! (5months)

Here we were all watching Frosty the Snowman as a family for the first time! I can't believe I forgot how much of that movie revolved around a train. Of course Owen Loved it!

My newest favorite pic of Mason

Look at his cheeks! They're the best!

Mason sucking that chubby little thumb.

My boys!

We went to something called "A Walk Through Bethlehem". It was such a great time for Owen to see the true Christmas story in action! And to see lots of cool live the camel behind us in this picture!

We met Abby and Cookie Monster!--not at the walk through Busch Gardens!

Owen's favorite ride at Busch Gardens

Mason slept through our evening at Busch Gardens

Fun at the playground---gotta love FL weather!!

I decided to make O a "fort" to sleep under! Cool mom, huh? ! :-)

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