Monday, April 5


Owen enjoyed digging through his Easter basket! Each year we will include in the boys' Easter baskets one empty egg to symbolize the empty tomb and the fact that Jesus is ALIVE! They will also get some sort of devotional book/CD and a few other fun items! This year Owen's basket had a shovel! We've been spending a lot of time working in the yard and Owen just loves to dig with his daddy, but a neighbor commented on how Owen shouldn't use the sharp metal shovel we had provided (we didn't see the problem:), so we got his a plastic one!! The basket also included a few cars, balls, and candy for daddy!

This is one of Owen's better moments with the duck! At one point he slapped the poor thing right out of my hand!

Egg Hunt!!

I'm not thrilled about posting this pic of myself, but it's our only recent family picture!

My boys!!

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