Wednesday, April 21

Weekend Trip to Orlando

This past weekend Owen and I got to tag a long on one of Joe's business trips to Orlando. Joe was able to choose the hotel we stayed at and it had the greatest pool! We've found that Owen is quite the little traveler! He does great in the car and usually has no problems adjusting to new sleeping arrangements (as long as he has his Monkey and Blankie)! Unfortunately is rained a majority of the trip, but it didn't stop us from enjoying the pool, outlets, playground, and Monkey Joe's Bounce House!

For whatever reason, Owen really liked the "just his size" pool chairs!

Someone's starting to get sleepy!

Now both boys are worn out! Time for a nap!

Since it rained Sunday we decided to go to Monkey Joe's!
Check out how blonde Owen's hair is getting in this Florida sun!!

Joe and Owen both had a blast going down the huge slides together! I think Joe was exhausted after climbing up so many times! What a good Daddy!

Peacefully sleeping! Our hotel room was nice...but there was only one room, so Owen's pack-n-play was tucked in the corner. We would put him to bed and wait a few minutes in the dark whispering pillow talk until we knew he was asleep, then we would turn on the TV and eat ice cream in bed! Now, that's vacation! ;-)

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