Monday, April 5

Recent Happenings

Owen loves looking at books by himself, but one of my new favorite things he does is when he brings me a book and "backs into" my lap to sit with me so I can read to him! So sweet!

Our redneck way for Owen to play with water on a HOT March afternoon!

Owen never was that great with sippy cups but he is great with a straw!

Owen's love for cars is still thriving! He loves to take a cruise around the neighborhood in the front seat! Is that legal? ;)

My newest favorite pic of my big boy!

All the Grandsons! Mason should fit in nicely!

Yes, maybe I shouldn't be going down this giant slide when I'm 6months pregnant...but I just had to for Owen!

Owen having fun with his Aunt Sissy!

Cars, trucks, tractors...they're all the same to Owen!!

Beach Day! He wants to get out of the chair so he's signing "please" so I'll get him down! :)

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