Thursday, April 22

Silly Owen

Can I just say I LOVE MY SON!! He is the greatest blessing!! I can honestly say I have the absolute best job in the world...being Owen's Momma all day everyday! I am so thankful that God blessed me with a husband who is willing to sacrifice so much so that I can have the privilege of staying home with our children. A lot of people wonder how we make it on one income...some assume Joe has a monster salary, but that's honestly not the case. We are thankful for the career, company, manager, and salary that God has blessed Joe with, but making it in this world on one salary is no easy task for us. We make many sacrifices as a family, but ultimately we believe we live an incredibly blessed life!
Here are a few pictures from our blessed life with our silly Owen!

Today we were reading a "My First Words" book, and we came to a page with a waffle on it. I said to Owen "Where's the waffle?" He quickly pointed to the waffle and stood up quickly while signing "please". He then looked at me as if saying "follow me" as he pointed to the kitchen and specifically the corner where the toaster and waffle maker are! He said please again and then went to his seat at the kitchen table!! I guess the boy wants waffles for dinner!

Throughout the day while Owen plays, he takes a quick break to "Re-charge" as we call it. He grabs either his monkey or his blankie, lies on the ground, and sucks his thumb...just for a few minutes...then he pops up with a new found burst of energy!

Owen likes to play naked...(yet another way he's like his father;-)

This boy LOVES to be outside! Sometimes I just can't take the FL heat so I offer a compromise and let Owen play on the lani...sometimes he doesn't play...he "re-charges"!

Owen loves play-dates with his friend Owen T.! On this particular morning my Owen kept trying to sit in Owen T.'s lap!!

Owen loves his sleep and he loves his crib! He now lets me know when he's ready for his nap! He picks up his monkey and blankie looks at me with sleepy eyes and I ask "Are you ready to go night-night" He usually says "yes" as he turns and walks to his bedroom and stretches his arms up to get in his crib! So funny!
One evening when I put him in his crib I just stood looking over into his crib where he was snuggled with monkey and blankie. I just wanted to rub his back for a second and admire how cute he is. Well he didn't want any of that...he just wanted his sleep...because he waved bye-bye to me and rolled over and closed his eyes!!!

Since he's been on his feet, Owen has been exploring new places to drive his cars...his current favorite places to cruise is on the couch and on top of his toy chest!

There was a day or two while Owen was cutting his newest tooth when all he wanted to do was snuggle (no complaints here!) So when Da-da got home from work they snuggled-up to watch a little E-L-M-O!

He's never really liked for anything to be on his head...but one day he enjoyed wearing my old toy McDonald's visor! Joe thinks he looks like a robot in this picture!

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