Tuesday, August 31


I finally have a chance to blog, and I'm almost too tired to keep my eyes open! The only reason I have a chance to blog right now is because both boys are sound asleep, Joe is out of town, and the load of laundry next to me is being ignored!
Life the past few weeks has been great...just full...not busy, but full. I am seriously loving my life as a momma of two beautiful boys. Owen is such a great big brother and an awesome helper. If I'm feeding Mason, Owen brings me a burp cloth...and the phone when it rings (only if I ask him to though, because he knows the phone is a "no no")! Mason is a good baby! He's still a good eater and a good sleeper (sleeping 8 hrs straight at night -good for baby and mommy). Although he still spits up, it doesn't seem to bother him...it just means more laundry for me (like the pile next to me)! Mason has really started to smile a lot and he started cooing last week! I forgot how sweet those first noises are that babies make...melts my heart! It's neat having one son who's just starting to make intentional sounds and another son who is expanding his vocabulary daily! Funny how I wanted Owen to learn the words "milk" and "more"...now I kinda wish he didn't learn them! :-)
I'm not saying anything worth reading (probably because I'm half asleep)...so here are some pictures:
Happy Mason

Staying home with my boys is the best job EVER! We have so much fun together...even if all we do is play in a box!

Story time!

Sweet brothers! (Owen 18.5 months Mason 7 weeks)

Our Great friends the Criders came to visit! We had so much fun (doing nothing)!

Lining up his cars!

New Car track!

Me and my baby Mason!

Sweet Mason!

Owen sleeping...

Mason Sleeping...

Oh, the spit up! I always smell it..becasue it's constantly in my clothes and in my hair! Yum!

Owen got up on the couch and laid like this all on his own! He loves his bubba! Which he now thinks every baby we see is "bubba"!-He pointed to a picture frame at Kirklands (which had a "fake" display picture in it of a woman and a baby), and said "Momma! Bubba!" :-) We walked past a baby at Walmart today and he pointed and said "Bubba!"

Silly boy wanted the soft blanket wrapped around him so I had to clip it with a clothes pin!

While Joe cut the grass one evening, I thought it was the perfect time for a bubble bath outside! Fun!

Mason napping with Dada (well, Joe's faking cause I asked him to!)

Our Boys!

Joe and his boys!---It stinks how Moms hardly have any pictures with their children, because the dads hardly ever think to get the camera..not fair!

Mason and his paci...so cute!

I'm too tired to go on...more later!

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