Wednesday, September 8

Family Vacation 2010

We took a quick family vacation last weekend to Hutchinson Island/Jensen Beach. It was so great just to be a family of four on vacation together! Although the beach was not as nice as our usual spot, Siesta Key, it was great waking up in the morning with a view of the ocean. What was even better is that the entire vacation was less than $100! Gotta love those Marriott rewards points Joe's earning through work!
When we began to plan this vacation, I don't think we considered the amount of work involved when staying in a hotel room with an 18 month old and 8 week old! We were just giddy about taking a much needed break from the normal routine. So, on the day we left I was talking to Beverly and some how she mentioned the stress that could be involved with putting Owen and Mason to bed each night and for naps! Why had we not thought of that!! I suppose we didn't think of how difficult it could be because Owen has always done great when we've stayed in hotels...we just didn't consider how adding Mason to the mix could change things. Well, weren't we surprised when we put the boys down that night for bed...they were both perfect! Owen actually fell asleep laying on the bed with Joe (for the first time ever!), and he transitioned nicely into the pack-n-play (which he barely fit in)! Mason continued his trend of sleeping through the night (8:30-7am...with a feeding I wake him for at 11pm)! Can I just say we were thrilled they both did so well!
They were also great when we went out to eat each night. Owen usually becomes a bit restless at a restaurant but he was great (probably because we sat outside and he was able to watch cars and motorcycles drive by)! And Mason just sat in his seat wide awake taking in the new scene!
Although it may have been a quick vacation, and it may not have been to any fancy resort, theme park, or destination-- it was our first family vacation of four and I'll never forget it!
Our view...wish I could have this view every morning!!

Mason's first trip to the beach!

Owen and his shoes! These happen to be Owen's favorite shoes (his hand-me-down green Crocs) We just about lost these shoes on the first day of our vacation when a giant wave (as a result of Hurricane Earl who had just past), came up and swept away all of our stuff on the beach! Thanks to Joe, the shoes were saved!

Joe and his boys!

Owen's first taste of lemon! (sorry not the best picture)!

Me and my boys! I'm so blessed....

Me and Owen having fun at the restaurant

Gator Boys!

Did I mention that our boys are great travelers too! We are so blessed!

Sweet Owen! He walked down this ramp so slowly and carefully!

Probably Joe's highlight of the entire vacation:

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