Sunday, August 8

Owen is 18months!!

WOW! I can't believe we have an 18month old little boy! He is the greatest blessing God has given Joe and I (and Mason of course!) Over the past month while all of our lives were changing with the addition of Mason, Owen decided he was ready to start repeating what we say! Here's a list of the new words Owen has said over the past 2 weeks!
-milk (sounds more like a grunt though!)
-moo moo (when asked what a cow says)
-Ooo Ooo (when asked what an owl says)
-Bubba (for Mason!)
-Choo Choo
-chicken (kinda!)
-and a few others that I can't think of right now....
Owen also has another word he says all the time-"con-yah". We have no clue what it means but he loves to shout it as he plays and when he gets excited!

He also can show us two new parts of his face: his chin and cheeks!

Here's what our lil' 18month old likes to do these days:
-Cars! cars!! cars!!! He now likes to take turns pushing cars back and forth with me, lining them up in a row, crashing them (sometimes), sorting them (based on colors, type, etc), and so much more!
-Blocks! He likes to build ramps, bridges, and garages for his cars out of his wood blocks!
-Books! He still loves a good snuggle time with a good book! I don't think we've ever read a book only one time in a single sitting...he usually likes to read each book at least twice!
-Horse! Owen's new favorite thing to do with his Dada is to ride on his back like a horse! If Joe sits on the floor Owen will gently roll his Dada to his stomach so he can mount his back for a horse ride! It's so cute!
-Prizes! When Owen's Mimi came to visit when Mason was born, she gave him several "prizes" each day of her visit. He now knows what a Prize is, and he knows that he's gonna want whatever it is!
-Tunnel Time! When Owen's Grams and Uncle Nick and Uncle Sam came to visit they brought him tent and tunnel. He now likes to crawl through the tunnel and he loves to be dragged around in the tunnel too!

-Friends! Owen has some great friends! Whenever we get together with Owen's friends Reid and Lana, he chooses one of them to copy for the day! On our visit to the zoo, he copied Lana--at the pool he copied Reid...etc! He has so much fun with his friends that he usually breaks down crying when they leave! (He ALWAYS sheds some tears when Ms.Bev leaves our house:)
-Touch! Our little Owen is quite the little affectionate boy! He loves to snuggle, hug, kiss, or simply reach out his hand or foot to touch his Momma or Dada while he plays! We're thinking he gets his "love languages" directly form Joe and I: touch and quality time!
-Independent Play Time! Owen is so creative and imaginative! Each day Owen spends some time playing independently in his play room or around the house. It's so fun to spy on him or listen in to the conversations he has with himself and his toys! It's great to know that he has developed this skill to entertain himself while knowing Momma and Dada's security and love is always there!
-Arts & Crafts! Owen enjoys some arts and crafts. He still finds plain crayons kind of boring but he loves the messy stuff like markers and paint!
Burping Baby Mason!

First Nap on the couch!

"Playing" video games with his Mimi!

This is how Owen starts his day! After milk and a little snuggle time with Momma, he's off to his car lunchbox (which holds his Hotwheels)!

Owen and his adorable cousins Bennett and Lawson!

So so cute!

Eating a banana!! He ALWAYS takes BIG bites!

To celebrate Owen's 18month b-day and Mason's 1month b-day we decided to go to
Chuck E Cheese's!!

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