Tuesday, December 7


When I first put out the Nativity set, Owen pointed to the baby and said "Bubba"! Which is what he calls all babies. But I attempted to correct him and explain to him that the baby in the manger was Jesus. So what's he say "Bubba Jesus"!!! Joe and I could not stop laughing!!

Under the tree...trying not to touch because it's a "no-no"

Warm Mason after a walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.

Owen with a bowl on his head. He really looked like he belonged in the Philippines!

"Mommy's no-no" as Owen calls it!

We had a late birthday celebration for Beverly!

Hope all Beverly's hopes and dreams come true!!

Silly boy!

Feeding Roxy peanut butter

He thought it was sooo funny!

Mason's new look


Such a BIG 4.5month old baby (wearing a 9-12 month onesie)!

Owen with a mullett!!! Business in the front--Party in the back!!!!!

Silly boy dancing with paper "streamers" stuck to him. He LOVES to dance!!

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