Tuesday, December 7

A Great Visit with Noonee and Pappa!!

It was such a blessing to have Joe's Noonee and Pappa visit us last Friday night! They were in Orlando for another grandson's soccer tournament, and they lovingly made the extra drive to come visit us for a few hours. We were so thankful to see them, and for them to see their Great Grandsons! Can I just say that they are AMAZING Great Grandparents!!! Owen loved them immediately and would not let them leave his side! He had them on the floor playing cars and trains with him the whole time...lucky for Owen, Noonee and Pappa were up for the task! One of the Great Grandparents was holding Mason at all times, and one was on the floor playing with Owen. I hope I'm half as good of a Great Grandparent one day as Owen and Mason's Noonee and Pappa! THANK YOU Noonee and Pappa for visiting us!! Love you!!
Owen pointing out to Noonee each family member in the picture.

Mason and Noonee

Mason and Pappa

Noonee and Pappa brought Owen this cool Donkey Kong Monster Truck!

Owen playing Choo Choo with Noonee

Owen sharing a Choo Choo with Pappa!--Really he wanted Pappa to play with him, so he had to share his choo choo! :)

Playing Choo Choo with Pappa!

Noonee, Pappa, Joe, Owen, and Mason

Noonee and Pappa ordered the greatest gift for the boys for Christmas and it happened to be delivered while they were visiting! Owen LOVES his new Nativity set. Everyday we go through the Christmas story at least once, and we act it out with this wonderful toy set. My new greatest moment as a mom is hearing my son playing with this toy and with joy in his heart shouting "Jesus!"

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