Tuesday, December 7


We had to visit the Choo Choo again so Dada could see it and experience it with O!

We went on a little business trip with Joe to Sanibel Island. Staying in a 3 room hotel room for 4 days makes you realize how very little we actually need. Owen was able to find plenty of things to entertain him! Including this dishwasher rack!

And of course he watched "choo Choo" at the hotel!

4 month old Mason woke up at 6:30 am twice (usually doesn't get up til 8am)so I knew he was hungry so we started him on cereal! Here are his pics from his first meal!


Owen got in the Exersaucer without me knowing...this is his reaction when he wasn't sure how mama was going to react....

This is his reaction when he realized mama wasn't mad--she actually thought it was funny! :-)

Owen after a bath, sitting in a chair with "Ahh Ahh" (The name he gave his beloved monkey is "Ahh Ahh", because "Ooo Ooo Ahh Ahh"is what a monkey says after all!!)

Here are some leaves from the Thankful Tree we put together throughout the month of November. Each night at dinner we would say something we were Thankful for. Owen's answers were pretty cute! He eally loves the Moon right now! He said it almost every night.

Turkey Plate! Owen's hand made the turkey body, and Mason's big toe made the red waddle!

Ever stated a craft thinking it was going to be quick and easy? Yea, that's what I thought about this one...don't think I'll do it again!

Owen wearing the turkey hat we made! He colored/painted each of the feathers and was in charge of the glueing!

Owen loves to dance! He calls music "dance", so if he see's Joe's ipod he always wants to listen to the "dance"!!

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