Monday, December 6

Thanksgiving Visit to GA

We had a wonderful week long visit to GA. It was great getting to see all of our family (without having to drive an additional 3 hours...thanks Matt and Elise for hosting & thanks Grams and Gramps for meeting us there)! And it was also great to get in some time with our dear friends!
Grams reading to Owen!

Mason's 1st Thanksgiving! He's wearing the same shirt Owen wore on his 1st Thanksgiving (Owen was almost 10 months old, Mason is 4 months old)!

Me and Grams feeding Mason

Mimi and Mason

Me and my handsom nephews (who look more like my children than they do my sister's!)

Mason and Lawson's First Thanksgiving!

My poor attempt at getting a fam pic of us at the Thanksgiving dinner table! Sorry Pops and Lawson!

Owen and Bennett on the back deck looking for "Birdies"

This is Owen and Pops putting change in Pop's Fun $ jar. Each time his grandsons visit, Pops has some change waiting for them to add to the jar. So special! (his plan is to wait til the jar is full, or close, then take the boys to Toys R Us and let them pic out whatever they want! :)

Owen experiencing fall leaves for the first time!

"Mama, why isn't that tree green?"

Mimi, Mason, and Owen dancing

Owen and Bennett making "kitchen music" as I call it!

Storytime with Mimi

Mason chillin on his Pops

Me, Sister Blair, and Cousin Neely with all our kids!

Owen's hair blowing in the wind produced by Mimi's toy

Owen and Mimi

Everything went well on the trip but we returned exhausted! I've decided that I have super-sonic mama ears, because when I sleep in the same room with my boys I wake with each and every sound they make (sniff, roll, kick, sigh, you name it, I hear it)! :) Wish there was a way to tone down my hearing abilities.
The drive was fine, but towards the end of our late night return trip home, we realized that Mason is not quite as easy as Owen has always been in the car! Mason just LOVES his bed. He loves to stretch out and then roll to his side to sleep (usually with one thumb in his mouth and the other arm draped over his face). Owen probably watched his "Choo Choo" (Thomas) movie 4 times during the 9 hour drive (we hit lots of traffic and accidents). In the end we arrived safely and we thought that since it was close to 1:00am we would all go straight to bed...BUT Owen had different plans! We think he was just so excited to be back home, because he suddenly had this new burst of energy!! He was just running around being silly pointing out each of his toys, dancing, looking in each room, and then to top off the evening he wanted to read all of his favorite books that were left behind! Such a silly boy!

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