Tuesday, December 7

November 30th Beach Day

I decided to take the boys by myself to the beach because I was thinking it was going to be the last warm day (it was close to 90 degrees)! It was beautiful! I know I've lived here for over a year and a half, but I'm still so excited each time I go to the beach...especially in November! Here are some pictures from our day!
Swinging away at the beach! My friend Heather and her daughter Lana were in the area so they stopped by to play for a while!

Lana pushing Owen...what a good friend! (If you remember from a blog post a long time ago...Lana pushed him around the zoo in his stroller!!!)

My good friend Heather and a sleepy Mason!

I Love the beach, but I love it even more when I canbe there with my boys...such a blessing!

Big boy on the Big slide! He's a thrill junkie!

He already knows how to pose for his mama to take a pic!

Such a climber!

Owena and Lana watching the tractor go by! You know Owen froze as soon as he saw it!

Sweet Sweet Mason napping at the beach

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